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2016-07-11 | Trudeau Ukraine

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau isn't saying if Canada will keep supplying troops to train Ukraine's military. At a joint news conference in Kyiv with Ukraine's president, Trudeau would only say that Canada will continue to stand with Ukraine in its struggle with Russia. (Trudeau also visited the Maidan, Ukraine's independence square, where popular protests in 2014 forced the former pro-Russian president from power.)

Date: 2016-07-11
Placeline: KYIV.
Source: The Canadian Press
Length: 23 seconds

Transcript Prediction: << obviously in the future we will continue to coordinate and collaborate with our International partners and allies on next steps and and a different ways of a continuing to support you crank but we are right now focused on the training mission that is going so well both for Canadians and especially for Ukrainian military >>