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2016-07-12 | WEA Saskatchewan Heavy Rain

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Four Saskatchewan communities have declared emergencies because of flooding, as a rainfall warning continues from the southwest corner of the province to the northeast. Deputy emergency management commissioner Mieka (MEE'-kah) Cleary says the province has sent out flood equipment to help stricken communities. (Cleary says residents of a trailer park in the southeast city of Estevan and in a long-term care home in the east-central town of Arborfield have been moved because of flooding.)

Date: 2016-07-12
Placeline: REGINA.
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Transcript Prediction: << some of the flight equipment that's been sent out or stand making machines and sandbags itself are we also have stuff out there teaching between effectively use those scented machines we also have sent out hoses and pumps and that type of thing so that they can be set up in areas that are pulling the water >>