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2016-07-14 | WEA Saskatchewan Heavy Rain

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Flood response has shifted to recovery mode in Saskatchewan communities hit hard by heavy rainfall earlier this week. More than 100-millimetres of rain fell in several places Monday and Tuesday from the southwest corner of Saskatchewan through to the northeast. Rae Groeneveld (RAY grhen-UH'-veld) with Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation says farmers are waiting for things to dry out to determine if they've lost any crops, but there are already some reports of damage. (Emergency management commissioner Duane McKay says the amount of damage in communities will be determined over the next week or so as people get back into their homes.)

Date: 2016-07-14
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Transcript Prediction: << it is a little early right now it's early in the growing season for some of these crops and in a lot of cases producers are giving their crop time to see how it's going to recover from the heavy rainfall event >>