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2016-07-28 | NS Government Polls

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The Nova Scotia government spent more than 250-thousand dollars in a one-year period on public opinion polls and surveys, raising concerns about transparency and cost. The topics of the reports run the gamut from assessing activity on the Nova Scotia government website to asking the public how often they pay for services "under the table." Dalhousie University professor Howard Ramos says consulting with the public is an important aspect of the government's mandate, but it should consider releasing the information publicly through its open data initiative. (Government spokeswoman Elizabeth MacDonald says the province is currently looking at how it could release the research publicly and has made it a priority over the next few months to determine how this would be done.)

Date: 2016-07-28
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Transcript Prediction: << it's not only refused to the government into the bureaucracy of used to the opposition to put used to ngos of used to researchers like myself and students and so if they want to get the true bang-for-the-buck commitment open data make sure that people know this information exists >>