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2016-08-04 | Missing Girl Found

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Calgary Police say they have no idea why a 19-year-old man allegedly abducted his eight-year-old sister yesterday and fled to B-C. Police say the girl, along with her brother, disappeared from the family home early yesterday morning but were eventually taken into custody near Abbotsford, B-C last night. Calgary Police Staff Sergeant Rob Davidson says investigators and the family had reason to worry. (Davidson says they both had their passports with them. He says other charges are pending.)

Date: 2016-08-04
Placeline: CALGARY.
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << family is quite distraught in trying to determine where the risk might be for her and as we started tracking further and further west end to British Columbia really believe you know there's a possibility of almost anything but even leaving the country being a possibility and that really increased our are anxiety around to locating orders quickly as possible >>