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2016-08-15 | SPORTS OLY Summer Games Report

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The Summer Games Report.

Date: 2016-08-15
Placeline: Undated.
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << now it's summer games update from the Canadian press Andre de Grasse with a personal best time of 9.91 seconds to take the bronze in the men's 100m twenty-one-year-old trailed only the legendary Usain Bolt at American spreader Justin Gatlin he's the first Canadian male athlete to win Hardware in real Flame the first 12 medals Canada now was 13 to Gold to Silver and nine of bronze the Canadian women's basketball team clothes out the preliminary round with a 73-60 loss to Spain and they will take on France in quarter-final play tomorrow. Thomas and Jocelyn C mono sit seventh after the free routine portion of the duet synchronized swimming in the recently cleaned Waters Ave Maria lenk Aquatic Center technical Russia and goes to this morning with a final tomorrow equestrian Sammy Villard Eric Lamaze headline a Canadian show jumping team on the first day of qualify ballora Lamaze both posted Cleve rounds can a tie for third in the team event from the Canadian Press sports desk by Jerry Smith >>