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2016-08-22 | NS Disabled Surfers

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More than 40 people with disabilities, including 14 recent immigrants, hit the surf at a Nova Scotia beach this weekend. Organizers say Saturday's "They Will Surf Again" event at Martinique Beach near Halifax is the only Canadian stop for Life Rolls On, which sets up similar events in cities across the continent. Elizabeth Burdon watched her son, Justin, who has a brain injury, experience the ocean for the first time in 12 years. She says individuals with disabilities who can get to the beach find it very liberating. (Jesse Billauer, who founded the USBased Life Rolls On organization after a surfing accident rendered him a quadriplegic around 20 years ago, flew out from California to show his support.)

Date: 2016-08-22
Placeline: MARTINIQUE BEACH, Nova Scotia.
Source: The Canadian Press
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