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2016-09-08 | Saskatchewan Drunk Driving

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Mothers Against Drunk Driving says Saskatchewan needs to have tougher penalties to stop what it calls a pervasive culture of impaired driving. Wendell Waldron, a community leader with MADD in Regina, notes that a second offence currently carries a three-year license suspension. But he says people shouldn't be allowed to drive for 10 years if they're caught driving drunk a second time. (The comments come after Don McMorris, the former deputy premier of Saskatchewan, was fined and lost his licence for a year after being caught driving with two and a-half times the legal amount of alcohol in his system.)

Date: 2016-09-08
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Transcript Prediction: << and the reason why I say that is if they've gotten the second DUI clear the first one didn't impact them enough to change their their decision-making moving forward >>