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2016-10-03 | Boat Aground

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A staff member with a B-C whale watching company says groups offering certain tours along Vancouver Island's rugged coast face many challenges. Ryan Teremy with Jamie's Whaling Station says his company is operating as usual today, despite the grounding of the company's 12-metre bear-watching vessel, the Stellar Sea, on Saturday. None of the 26 passengers and two crew were hurt but the vessel remained stuck on the rocks east of Tofino until today. Teremy says the Stellar Sea will go into dry dock and will return to service. (Twenty-seven people were thrown into the water and six passengers died when the whale-watching vessel Leviathan II, owned by Jamie's Whaling Station, flipped nearly a year ago, just north of Tofino. A Transportation Safety Board investigation of that incident is continuing.)

Date: 2016-10-03
Placeline: TOFINO.
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << ironic thing about groundings is that they're actually more common than people think and then it has been already probably about four or five of that accompanies this season but because of course would happen with us last year that we get more attention >>