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2016-10-17 | Saskatchewan School Shooting Bravery

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Two paramedics who went into a northern Saskatchewan school while a shooter was on the loose have been recognized for their bravery with medals from the Royal Canadian Humane Association. In January, Kalvin Jones and Darryl Morin responded to an emergency call at the high school in La Loche (LOSH), and a shooter was still in the building. Jones says it was chaos. (With the help of RCMP, Morin and Jones got injured students and staff out of the school, then aided patients at the hospital. A teacher and a teacher's aide were killed at the school and two brothers were also shot dead at a nearby home.)

Date: 2016-10-17
Placeline: REGINA.
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Transcript Prediction: << during that time I had a little bit of a scare when one of the students opened up a door and startled me what I was doing CPR and I still have dreams of that every now and then but it's gotten a lot better since >>