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2016-10-27 | NS Liberals Political Donation

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Nova Scotia's energy minister says questionable political donations under investigation by the Elections Nova Scotia were made to the Liberal riding association in Richmond County. Energy Minister Michel Samson says the donations were made by Richmond County councillors at a Liberal fundraising dinner in his riding in May 2014. Samson says the money involved, 300 dollars according to the audit, was donated through personal cheques by the individual councillors. (Elections Nova Scotia will only say it is investigating after a forensic audit found instances of Richmond County councillors claiming reimbursement for expenses perceived to be political donations, but the elections watchdog isn't releasing any other details.)

Date: 2016-10-27
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Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << Westgate sending it clear that the counselors were under an honest but mistaken belief that this could be reimbursed the audit the is indicated that the policy was reimbursable it is clear that this doesn't make the laws of the elections and therefore was not eligible for reimbursement >>