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2016-11-02 | First Nations Housing

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A First Nations leader says a housing crisis in indigenous communities will take more than a generation to fix even with new federal money. Kevin Hart, a regional chief with the Assembly of First Nations, says billions of dollars are needed for the housing shortage in Manitoba and Saskatchewan alone. (Hart and other aboriginal leaders heard today from Indigenous and Northern Affairs Minister Carolyn Bennett at a forum on First Nations housing. Bennett touted the government's 417-million-dollar funding boost for First Nations housing over two years, but added she knows the government has only begun to address the problem.)

Date: 2016-11-02
Placeline: WINNIPEG.
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << I don't see it happening in my lifetime are my children's lifetime to be honest at the the current guidelines and rules that are set in place by the federal government First Nations as we know are being set up for failure >>