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2016-11-02 | NS Liberal Donation

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A key figure in a political contribution and municipal expense scandal has been fired by the Nova Scotia Liberal caucus. The move to dismiss former Richmond County warden Steve Sampson was confirmed in an email late yesterday by caucus office executive director Linda Tweedie. This after a 2014 email surfaced in which Sampson said Richmond councillors could be reimbursed for donating to a Liberal fundraiser. NDP Leader Gary Burrill says he doesn't believe the government has handled the issue around the donations honourably. (Elections Nova Scotia is investigating 300 dollars worth of donations to see whether they complied with the Elections Act.)

Date: 2016-11-02
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Transcript Prediction: << if there is .0001 5% of the possibility of a question of Integrity about a contribution The Honorable thing it is to square up immediately and give the money back if this is what should have happened originally >>