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2016-11-09 | Shark Mating Mystery

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A 900-kilogram shark named Lydia is being tracked off the coast of Nova Scotia. The shark is on an expansive journey that researchers hope might answer a question that has tormented them for years where do the apex predators go to mate? Chris Fischer of the research group Ocearch says he was stunned when Lydia appeared to head to Halifax and then took a sharp right turn toward Sable Island just days ago. He says the theory is that Lydia may be headed to the remote island to feast on seals and find a paramour with whom she can breed. (Since 2013, Lydia has travelled more than 57-thousand kilometres over the mid-Atlantic ridge toward Europe and western Africa then back again. Fischer says her return to Nova Scotia points to a repeated pattern and a clear "migratory loop.")

Date: 2016-11-09
Placeline: Park City, Utah.
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << what's the most interesting about Lydia is that we can't her in Jacksonville Florida in 2013 and she has never gone to Cape Cod and she's definitely a mature animal so does that mean is there another aggregating area where they're Gathering and make >>