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2016-11-22 | Saskatchewan Deficit

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The Saskatchewan government is cutting spending and has implemented a hiring freeze as it tries to bring down a ballooning deficit of about one billion dollars. The larger deficit also means the province is borrowing 800 million dollars just to operate. The situation doesn't sit well with Todd McKay, prairie director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation. (Saskatchewan Finance Minister Kevin Doherty says low oil and potash prices are having a greater impact on revenue than expected, but corporate income tax, personal income tax, provincial sales tax and fuel tax are also down.)

Date: 2016-11-22
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Transcript Prediction: << we got to do what every other family in in business in the province is doing in terms of coming back spending We Got a Hold the Line on that it's not going to be easy it's not fun but that's what it's supposed to do in the kitchen tables and that's what needs to happen at Governor's Ball >>