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2016-11-29 | Pipeline Decision Notley

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is approving Kinder Morgans proposal to triple the capacity of its Trans Mountain pipeline from Alberta to Burnaby, B-C. But he's also effectively killing the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline across northern British Columbia. Trudeau also announced a green light for Enbridges lesser-known 7.5-billion-dollar Line 3 pipeline expansion from Alberta to Wisconsin. Alberta Premier Rachel Notley, who met with Trudeau today in Ottawa, applauded the decisions. (NDP Leader Tom Mulcair calls the decisions a mistake that British Columbians won't forget.)

Date: 2016-11-29
Placeline: OTTAWA.
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << we're getting a chance to break our landlord we're getting a chance to sell to China and other new markets at better prices and we're getting a chance to reduce our dependence on one market and therefore to be more economically independent >>