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2016-12-16 | Saskatchewan Prison

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A Saskatchewan prison where a major riot took place this week had the most complaints of any penitentiaries in the country last year, according to Canada's prisoners' ombudsman. Howard Sapers, the Correctional Investigator of Canada, says there were 413 complaints about things including food, health care, family visits and access to parole hearings from inmates at the Saskatchewan Penitentiary in Prince Albert. Sapers says the riot there Wednesday is concerning. (Sapers has sent a team from his office to investigate the riot, along with RCMP, the Union of Canadian Correctional Officers and Correctional Service Canada.)

Date: 2016-12-16
Placeline: OTTAWA.
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << frankly I always find it extremely troubling when I hear about any kind of an incident like this any kind of mass use of force and he kind of mass demonstration by Anders at you cuz it really does speak to a real dysfunction in the end in that Institution >>