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2016-12-20 | Alberta Three Dead

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Hockey teams will be honouring two young players killed in an apparent double murder-suicide west of Edmonton. Ryder MacDougall, who was 13, his 11 -year-old brother, Radek, and their father, Corry MacDougall, were found dead in their home in Spruce Grove on Monday. The city's bantam double-A Timberwolves and peewee Sabertooths will be wearing the boys' numbers on their helmets for the rest of the season. Sabertooths coach Brendan Ardron says he and other hockey staff met with the boys' teammates to talk about the deaths, and there were lots of tears. (The boys' stepfather, Brent Stark, has told local media that he and his wife discovered the bodies when they went to pick up the children. Stark, owner of the Whitecourt Wolverines of the Alberta Junior Hockey League, said the boys were killed by their father.)

Date: 2016-12-20
Placeline: SPRUCE GROVE, Alberta.
Source: The Canadian Press
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