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2022-02-02 | Yukon School Assault

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Yukon Premier Sandy Silver says hes appointed the territorys top civil servant to put together a plan to ensure breakdowns in the governments communication response to allegations of sexual abuse dont happen again. The premier says his deputy minister, Stephen Mills, has until February 18th to deliver a plan in response to an independent report that calls for policy changes to ensure alleged school incidents are better handled and properly communicated. (The report by Vancouver lawyer Amanda Rogers says the government failed in its obligation to properly communicate to parents and the public what it knew about the investigations involving a former school education assistant.)

Date: 2022-02-02
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Transcript Prediction: << we're still reviewing the report that we received yesterday and there are three more independent review still underway as well and we do look forward to the results of these additional reviews so that we can get the full picture of what happened in the steps that are necessary to ensure that this doesn't happen again >>