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2022-02-03 | Trucker Protest Border

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For the first time since last weekend trucks are again rolling south toward the main US border crossing in southern Alberta. A new blockade on the highway briefly choked off any traffic to the Coutts border crossing but a few hours later a long line of US bound trucks sounded their horns and made their way south. That's good news for trucker Gurdeep Chumbar who was on his way to Utah. (The RCMP says things appear positive and the trucks are already heading through the border into Montana.)

Date: 2022-02-03
Placeline: MILK RIVER, Alberta.
Source: The Canadian Press
Length: 12 seconds

Transcript Prediction: << it feels great yeah cuz I need to work I got bills to pay right I mean I understand you guys are protesting that's great you know just stick to aside and let us just you know go for it once I need to work we have to work right >>