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2022-02-15 | Trucker Protest Border

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The protest that blocked Alberta's main border crossing to the US ended with a loud blaring of horns as the trucks left town. They left a day after RCMP arrested 13 people and found a cache of guns and ammunition. Coutts (KOOTS) Mayor Jim Willett doesn't blame the truckers for what happened yesterday. (Demonstrators at a police checkpoint north of Coutts have also started to leave.)

Date: 2022-02-15
Placeline: COUTTS, Alberta.
Source: The Canadian Press
Length: 19 seconds

Transcript Prediction: << they were up a well-behaved bunch of people to be occupying our town and I think they were taking the organizers were taken aback as much as we were by what the RCMP discovered in on that property here in town >>