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2022-02-22 | BC Budget

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British Columbia has earmarked 2.1 billion-dollars to fund disaster recovery efforts and future response to the threats posed by wildfires, floods and heat waves in a budget that forecasts a 5.5 billion-dollar deficit. Finance Minister Selina Robinson says this climate response and adaptation program includes wildfire prevention supports for communities and expands the province's BC Wildfire Service into a full-time operation. (Heavy rains last fall also triggered landslides that closed major rail and highway transportation routes to BC's Interior.)

Date: 2022-02-22
Placeline: VICTORIA.
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Transcript Prediction: << budget 2022 commits 145 million dollars over three years to increase staff at both agencies and move toward a more proactive approach MBC this means a stronger Prudential response to emergencies and more coordination with communities and First Nations >>