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2022-02-24 | Ukraine Oil Gas

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Petroleum analyst, Roger McKnight of En-Pro International, sees gas prices going up by five cents per litre across Canada this weekend following Russia's attack on Ukraine. But consumers have been feeling the pain for a while now. McKnight explains the factors behind that. (He says the geopolitical tensions in eastern Europe will make things worse at the pumps for Canadians, but does not know how long the pressure will last given the uncertainty of the situation.)

Date: 2022-02-24
Placeline: TORONTO.
Source: The Canadian Press
Length: 17 seconds

Transcript Prediction: << before this all happened that things were going the wrong way anyways far as the consumers concerned because we had exceedingly high demand and exceeding the load Supply and thus being at the refinery maintenance season as well we got Refinery runs at basically install note >>