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1989-07-19 | Abortion-Boy-Friends

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Abortion, and the plight of two women -- one in Ontario, the other in Quebec -- took center stage in July. Barbara Dodd wanted an abortion. Her former boyfriend didn't and got an injunction. She went to court -- won her case -- and had an abortion. But afterwards she said she had been used by pro-choice advocates. In Quebec, Chantal Daigle's boyfriend got an injunction preventing her from having an abortion. The Supreme Court of Canada eventually struck down the injunction, but by that time Daigle had gone to Boston and had an abortion.

Date: 1989-07-19
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << after I had the abortion I don't regret it because I you wished that I could I made my own decision my choice but the plants grow reading set up the food can make you know that in because I felt that was controlled by these people >>

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