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2007-01-26 | Afar-Settlement

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The prime minister announced details of a multi-million-dollar settlement in the Maher Arar case. The package included compensation of 10.5 million-dollars as well as a payment to cover his legal costs. And on January 26th, Stephen Harper offered an official apology to Arar, his wife and his family. (Arar -- a 36-year-old Syrian-born Canadian -- was detained by US authorities in New York in 2002. He was subsequently deported to Syria, apparently on the basis of unsubstantiated RCMP suspicions.)

Date: 2007-01-26
Placeline: Ottawa, ON, Canada
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << on behalf of the government of Canada to apologize to you money, and messy and your family for any role Canadian officials may have played in the terrible ordeal that all of you experienced in two thousand two and two thousand three all of these events occurred under the last government please rest assured that this government will do everything in its power to ensure that the issues raised by commissioner a car of Conor are addressed I trust having a ride and go see it settlement we've ensured that fair compensation will be paid to you and your family I sincerely hope that these words and actions will assist you in your family in your efforts to begin a new and hopeful chapter in your lives >>

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