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2004-01-27 | Afghan-Canada-Suicide-Attack

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The top Canadian soldier in Afghanistan spoke to his troops January 27th at Camp Julien near Kabul. Major-General Andrew Leslie confirmed the news that had already spread around the camp that one of their comrades was killed and three others were injured in a suicide attack. Leslie described to the soldiers what happened. (Lieutenant Jason Matthew Feyko suffered shrapnel wounds to much of his body, and had surgery at a German hospital in Kabul, where he had splinters removed from his face. Corporals Jeremy Gerald MacDonald and Richard Michael Newman also suffered shrapnel wounds.)

Date: 2004-01-27
Placeline: Kabul, Afghanistan
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << at eight twenty five hours this morning on green wrote not too far from the camp while they were slowing down to go over that little construction ditch which all of us have crossed many times a suicide bomber threw himself onto a notice and detonated killing one of ours and injuring three others are dead teammate corporal Jamie Brendan Murphy first battalion the royal Kane regiment death was instantaneous >>

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