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1989-03-10 | Air-Ontario-Crash

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Twenty-four people lost their lives when an Air Ontario flight crashed as it tried to take off from Dryden in early March. There were forty-five survivors, including flight attendant Sonia Hartwlck. Six months later, during a crash inquiry, a taped phone call, was entered as evidence. The call was placed to Hartwick by Air Ontario operations manager Cliff Sykes hours after the crash. On the tape Hartwlck says she saw snow and ice on the wings during takeoff.

Date: 1989-03-10
Placeline: Dryden, ON, Canada
Source: The Canadian Press
Length: 25 seconds

Transcript Prediction: << there's quite a bit of what they want and they were taking off with the so what can we wind up taking awhile cream like okay don't talk to anybody okay don't tell anybody we'll get somebody to look after soon as possible >>

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