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2000-07-08 | Alliance-Leadership-Day-wins

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Former Alberta Treasurer Stockwell Day was voted new leader of the Canadian Alliance, easily defeating Reformer founder Preston Manning in a run-off vote. Canadian Press reporter Keith Leslie had this report.

Date: 2000-07-08
Placeline: Toronto, ON, Canada
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << Stockwell day was the surprise winner during the alliance's first leadership vote two weeks ago but there was no surprise tonight is the new party decided it needed a new leader manning quickly conceded defeat after the results show day capturing sixty three and a half percent of the vote I congratulate stop well then I move that this decision of our members be made a nanomedicine in favor in a lengthy victory speech they called it a new party a new century and a new day for Canada and the extended his thanks to many for taking the party so far give Leslie broadcast news Toronto >>

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