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1998-11-15 | Avalanche-Trudeau

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Former prime minister Pierre Trudeau's youngest son, 23-year-old Michel, died Nov. 14 while back-country skiing in Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park in BC's Kootenay region. RCMP spokesman Corporal Randy Koch (COOK) said Trudeau and another man were swept into a lake by an avalanche as friends watched helplessly. Trudeau's friend, Andrew Bednarz got out alive.

Date: 1998-11-15
Placeline: Nelson, BC, Canada
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << as the group for making their way down the trails towards the parking lot they were swept into coke in the lake by an avalanche that come down the mountainside Michelle Trudeau and a friend by the name of Andrew bad nerves were ahead in the group and it appears that they were the two that were swept the furthest down the bank and into the lake >>

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