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1993-08-05 | Beer

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Canada and the US signed a pact to end a long-running dispute over beer. Trade Minister Tom Hockln said Canada got what it wanted. (Under the deal -- to which all provinces agreed -- the minimum sales price for beer along with the handling fees placed on all foreign beer imports would be reduced. That would give US brewers better access to the Canadian market. Ontario's 10-cent a can environmental tax would stay. And, the three-dollar a case duty that both countries slapped on much of the cross-border beer trade the previous year was lifted.)

Date: 1993-08-05
Placeline: Washington, DC, USA
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << the agreement adverts of their war it protects jobs in our country it creates opportunities for our industry and the huge American market and it's good news for the Canadian consumer >>

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