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1992-07-09 | Bourassa-Constitutional-Deal

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In early July the federal government, nine provinces and native leaders broke the logjam with an agreement on a constitutional package to offer Quebec. Premier Robert Bourassa said he saw progress, but said clarification was needed in areas such as distinct society and the Quebec veto. He gave no indication when he would return to the constitutional bargaining table, and said he didn't regard the document as being carved in stone.

Date: 1992-07-09
Placeline: Quebec City, QC, Canada
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << it's not presented I take it or leave it it is presented as provisional proposals which are open to discussion and in my view and not I'm not I I totally agree with you that they don't want to start again the negotiation and a fundamental way but I see nothing on the proposal saying that we we are only willing to change anything and what has been proposed >>

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