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1993-01-03 | Bus-Crash-Kubic

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Four Canadians were among the dead when a bus full of tourists overturned near the Mexican resort of Cancun. Most of the 25 people who died in the fiery crash were killed when downed power lines ignited the bus's diesel fuel. Jerry Kubic of Wrentham, Alberta was one of the lucky ones to walk away from the disaster.

Date: 1993-01-03
Placeline: Cancun, Mexico
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << for the first, came to lean against, high high tension power full line then some of us came to rest against the closest big rock and, the unlucky ones of course were caught caught inside the bus and and there they had various pieces of rubble on them for the busted start on fire and we we put it off twice but the diesel fuel kept dripping and just started in a bigger fires and we we pulled out as many as we could >>

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