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1982-11-11 | Canada-Shuttle

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Canada's second joint venture with the US space shuttle program came in the form of a 50 million dollar satellite. Canadian Press reporter Peter Ray had this report.

Date: 1982-11-11
Placeline: Ottawa, ON, Canada
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << first good ones the Canada arm and now a Canadian satellite will be on board the space shuttle Columbia it's the annex three a communications satellite built by Telesat Canada but it won't be alone the attic is one of two satellites it'll be on board the fifth mission of the shuttle the other is an American one communications minister Frances fox says the attic is the most powerful domestic communications satellite ever sent a lawfully basically, telecommunications on the on on television afraid of the Canadian satellite depends on for explosive bolts in the cargo bay of the Columbia the bolts will be fired in unison on Friday afternoon unleashing special springs that will propel the attic out of a shuttle into space if one of those balls misfires the satellite could kick sideways and tumble out of control Peter right on Parliament Hill >>

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