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1998-08-04 | Canadians-Space-Station

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Two more Canadian astronauts got a shot at helping build the first international space station. Julie Payette was to be a crew member on the space shuttle "Atlantis" in May of 1999. In August, Marc Garneau would board the shuttle "Endeavor" to deliver equipment for the space station. Payette said she was thrilled to be going on her first trip into space.

Date: 1998-08-04
Placeline: St. Hubert, QC, Canada
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << well in in this particular case, I've just completed my training as a mission specialist NASA and, and because of that I was not expecting a slight so soon actually comes very quickly and very early in the assembly of the international space station which is an extraordinary honor I was floored >>

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