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2000-01-31 | CCRAP-party-name

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Almost as quickly as the name was chosen, the Canadian Conservative Reform Alliance Party became the butt of many a joke. Not for the proposed right-wing party's policies, but for its acronym -- CRAP. Canadian Press reporter Terry Pedwell had this report.

Date: 2000-01-31
Placeline: Ottawa, ON, Canada
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << the party name was picked a reform sponsored convention over the weekend now new Democrat lore Nystrom says he wants to know if he can use the acronym for the party in the house of Commons there's a lot of verbal diarrhea in the house of Commons deputy speaker Ian McClellan says ruling out of order all depends on how the acronym is used it was used in that manner of, it's a great movement you've got then yes that perhaps it wouldn't be stay tuned for the scoop on this story Terry but well broadcast news auto >>

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