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2000-08-11 | Child-Abandoned

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Calgary police began a search in August for a distraught mother who abandoned her young son in a shopping cart in a supermarket. A note found in the toddler's backpack said she was unable to cope with the boy's severe medical problems. Calgary police staff sergeant Bob Wiltshire said the woman disguised herself before abandoning the boy, believed to be about four-years-old. He was taken to a foster home.

Date: 2000-08-11
Placeline: Calgary, AB, Canada
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << fairly obvious to us that this was a very well planned escapade, because she disguised herself going and she was wearing a too concerned glasses and overseas you know any any say that's one of the busiest safe within North America, she knew the child will be found within minutes so she didn't and dangerous the child's life for health it'll >>

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