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1995-12-14 | Chretien-Manning

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Reform leader Preston Manning said the prime minister should resign for the sake of national unity for committing what he called "irrational acts" in the past couple of weeks -- among them moving to give a constitutional veto to Quebec separatists. If Jean Chretien failed to quit, Manning figured Parliament should find a way to remove him from office. Here's how Chretien heard the news from reporters.

Date: 1995-12-14
Placeline: Ottawa, ON, Canada
Source: The Canadian Press
Length: 46 seconds

Transcript Prediction: << all relational shin already so what high does it is the members of parliament to vote the confidence in the in the members are in the leader and the best prove was yesterday on the M. on this week on the distinct society and on the amending formula all my caucus voted for me Mister manning yesterday as you know it they were split right down the middle of the for a Deborah grey voted with him next desk, is house leader voted against him and his critics on the federal provincial relations voted against him so he should, himself, at I don't know this you know check whether serving him for breakfast >>

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