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1998-11-20 | Chretien-Scott

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Prime Minister Jean Chretien couldn't escape the Andy Scott controversy while speaking with reporters in Beijing. He said he had talked to the solicitor general and deputy prime minister Herb Gray about an affidavit that seemed to corroborate statements made by an NDP MP who had accused Scott of prejudging the outcome of an inquiry into RCMP actions at the Vancouver APEC summit in 1997. Scott was overheard speaking about the issue to a friend on an airline flight and resigned from cabinet on Nov. 23.

Date: 1998-11-20
Placeline: Beijing, China
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << yeah but you know this group for of course what snooping no doubt about it I never said he was not nobody but it was a private conversation between the lawyer Fran of and it's got that came into public and that's the and the and the day after that it confirmed that it was a private discussion where they discuss many things and that is about and that the lawyer said it was he was a witness independent where are you are you saying it's okay to talk about public business a bonafide private conversation we eat there was nothing in that discussion death was the secret of the cabinet we discussed public business all the time I do I do you ask me questions >>

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