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1993-09-19 | Chrysler

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Chrysler Canada workers approved a three-year-contract by nearly an 80 per cent margin. It called for small wage increases in each of the three years. And just as importantly, said Canadian Autoworkers president Buzz Hargrove, it created new jobs. (The deal provided for the creation of 650 Jobs in 1994 by the creation of a third shift at the Windsor mini-van plant. And it gave employees an extra three days off with pay, creating another 250 Jobs. The pact would be used as a blueprint in talks with Ford and General Motors.)

Date: 1993-09-19
Placeline: Toronto, ON, Canada
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << we challenge the the corporation a bit and challenged our membership in terms of the importance of putting job creation measures in place and recognizing that a an economy like we're in today when people are saying that there's going to be known no new jobs in the prime minister of a country says you can't expect a new jobs into the first of the next century we said that to our membership and the companies that that's not the way to go >>

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