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2000-07-25 | Clark-Byelection

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Conservative leader Joe Clark claimed political circumstance was the reason he sought to get into the House of Commons. Clark said it had nothing to do with pressure from caucus colleagues or rivalry with the Canadian Alliance -- although he said the move was affected by Alliance leader Stockwell Day's decision to go after a seat in BC. Kings Hants MP Scott Brison stepped aside so Clark could run in a byelection.

Date: 2000-07-25
Placeline: Windsor, NS, Canada
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << to a by election was going to be called out to a lead him into the house of Commons in our view was that first that signaled that it was not likely there would be a fall election secondly if there was going to be a by election a lot one leader in it made sense for me to take advantage of the opportunity to be there on the floor of the house of Commons of, leading my party >>

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