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1980-02-18 | Clark-Progressive-Conservative-defeat

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Joe Clark, who became Canada's youngest Prime Minister in June of 1979, was 39 at the time, one day short of this 40th birthday. He also had one of the shortest-lived governments. Clark's Progressive Conservatives went down to defeat in the general election of February 1980. The Liberals under the continuing stewardship of Pierre Trudeau won 147 seats to the PC's 103. The NDP won 32. Clark conceded defeat from his riding of Yellowhead. (Conservative Prime Minister Sir Charles Tupper has the dubious distinction of heading the shortest-lived government from May 1 to July 8 1896. John Turner led the second shortest government. He was Liberal Prime Minister from June 30 to September 17 in 1984.)

Date: 1980-02-18
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << the people of Canada have exercised their democratic choice and we naturally as believers in democracy as active participants in democracy as people who want to maintain that system which will serve this country so well we naturally except that result and accept the defeat that our party received on the polls tonight >>

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