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1992-11-18 | Cocaine

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The RCMP made what was believed to be the biggest drug seizure in Canadian history after intercepting an aircraft that tried to sneak into Canada. RCMP Corporal Yvon Paquet said his force received word from US authorities about the drug-filled plane when it flew into Canada. He said two CF-18 jets and eight helicopters tracked the plane to a remote airstrip at Casey, 450 kilometers north of Montreal, where RCMP got to look at the plane's contents. (Once police had a closer look they revised the figures to 43-hundred kilos of cocaine, worth an estimated 2.7-billion dollars on the street. Six men, three Colombians, two Quebecers and a Quebec man living in Colombia were charged with offences ranging from conspiracy to import cocaine to possession of cocaine.)

Date: 1992-11-18
Placeline: Montreal, QC, Canada
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << roughly three thousand kilos of the white stuff which, we've seen it's a cocaine and the the price for that stuff on the black market the it's, overburdened one begin daughter >>

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