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1992-07-02 | Cod

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Richard Cashin of the Fishermen, Food and Allied Workers union called 225-dollars-a-week compensation peanuts. Cashin urged his members to ignore the cod ban while his union negotiated with Ottawa. After strenuous protests, the federal offer was raised to 406 dollars. Payments began in August and continued until the end of the year. To receive benefits until the spring of 1994, when the cod ban is to be lifted, displaced workers had to choose among a variety of retraining programs.

Date: 1992-07-02
Placeline: St John's, NL, Canada
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << this is the biggest layoff in Canadian history twenty thousand people for the government of Canada can't come to Newfoundland lay off twenty thousand people and say that's that >>

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