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1992-02-26 | Cod-quotas-Cashin

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In late February Fisheries Minister John Crosbie slashed northern cod quotas for the year by 35 per cent. Newfoundland's fishermen's union responded with calls for a high seas protest against foreign overfishing. Union chief Richard Cashin wanted an aid program for fishermen, an end to foreign fishing, and a seal cull off the Grand Banks. Cashin said it was time to put people before seals. (In March a fleet of Canadian trawlers staged a four-day high seas protest. In a ceremony coinciding with Newfoundland's entry into Confederation, in 1949, the seven-ship flotilla anchored a traditional dory on the Grand Banks to symbolize fish stocks straddling the 200-mile limit.)

Date: 1992-02-26
Placeline: St John's, NL, Canada
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << the endangered species at the moment the most singularly endangered species and in this era of the new Victorian morality of individualism and blame the victim there is less sympathy for them and that's the people in the coastal communities of new from land that's the Endangered Species >>

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