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1981-10-07 | Commonwealth

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Canadian Press reporter John McKay reports on the Commonwealth heads of government conference in Melbourne, Australia.

Date: 1981-10-07
Placeline: Melbourne, Australia
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << despite the problem vendors such gatherings the common law conference early garner's acute international attention because it does not contain within its ranks many of the movers and shakers of the have world this year's wasn't important gathering for prime minister Trudeau because it formed a sort of little conference midway between his own auto our economic summit of last July and the high profile all important Cancun summit in Mexico shortly after that and portrait of the conference should have provided a badly needed boost of momentum for his call for global negotiations on the north south dialogue but according to them the Canadian prime minister seem disappointed perhaps for one because delegate slash delta Burke world trade barriers and possible violations of gatt Canada included but also because he may have realized by then the pleadings of the Commonwealth would fall on deaf ears and the Cancun summit would end much to inconclusively this is John McKay >>

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