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1992-09-10 | CONST-Reform

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The Reform Party urged Canadians to vote "No" in the constitutional referendum. Party leader Preston Manning said the Charlottetown accord failed Quebecers as much as it did Canadians elsewhere. Manning said there were only two real antidotes to separatism in Quebec -- a Canadian economy so strong and vigorous that no one wants to leave it -- and a fresh inspiring vision of a new federalism.

Date: 1992-09-10
Placeline: Calgary, AB, Canada
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << this thing does not strengthen the economy that's that you know that's of relevant to people in Quebec as it is outside the fact that it doesn't improve regional representations of relevant to rural and northern Quebec as it is to roll in northern Ontario the western Atlantic Canada the fact that this makes him flexibility inflexible for Quebec federalist to make changes in the future the same is predicated >>

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