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1992-01-26 | Constitution-Senate-Reform

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Institutional reform was the focus of the second constitutional conference, held in Calgary. Delegates reached a consensus on only two of the three "e's" in a "triple-e" senate -- elected and effective. There was debate on whether the third "e" should be equal, or equitable, representation. Other proposals on senate reform said seats should be set aside for women, natives and minorities. Delegate Margret Kopala of Ottawa supported a senate chosen from groups of people instead of one based on provincial representation. She said the provinces were the major source of division in the country. (Other delegates said devising a senate comprised of people representing groups like women and aboriginals would be too difficult.)

Date: 1992-01-26
Placeline: Calgary, AB, Canada
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << does it not therefore makes sense that in our new Senate we should emphasize those interests that transcends provincial boundaries instead of entrenching interest which is provincial boundaries >>

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