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2009-12-17 | Copenhagen-Climate-Conference

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Environment Minister Jim Prentice said Canada was at the UN climate summit in Copenhagen because it wants to be part of a comprehensive agreement. He wouldn't comment specifically on a new US funding proposal to help poor countries fight global warming. But he said Canada is willing to play its part. (In an effort to break a deadlock at the talks, US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton pledged her country will help raise 100 billion dollars a year by 2020 to help the most vulnerable nations cope with a warming planet.)

Date: 2009-12-17
Placeline: Copenhagen, Denmark
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << I'm not going to speculate on, numbers or figures or, or so on but we've indicated throughout that, as a part of this process we will shoulder our fair share of the responsibility providing it is an agreement that is a comprehensive one and that applies to all major emitters >>

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