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2014-05-13 | CRIME-Lac-Megantic-Charges

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On May 12th, Montreal prosecutors announced that Montreal Maine and Atlantic Railway Ltd. and two officials and an engineer of the insolvent railway would each face 47 counts of criminal negligence causing death stemming from a 2013 railway disaster that killed 47 people in Lac-Megantic, Quebec. The lawyer for one of the men facing charges was furious that force was used to arrest his client. Lawyer Thomas Walsh said his client, Thomas Harding, was outside his home working on his boat with his 18-year-old son when a SWAT team moved in.

Date: 2014-05-13
Placeline: Sherbrooke, QC, Canada
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << was the kind of a, an arrest that you would do for some heavily armed, hell's angel you know and I mean basically the whole swatch got squad was there to arrest one guy who has been living in the same place since this tragedy happened who's been has offered to appear in court voluntarily if they ever decided to accuse him >>

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