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1993-06-23 | Crosbie-retires

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Fisheries Minister John Crosbie announced his retirement. He admitted he made a few mis-steps in his 28-year career in politics. One of the biggest was his comment to Liberal MP Sheila Copps, whom he called "baby" in 1985. He also infuriated her by singing a song at a political event, that went "pour me another Tequila, Sheila, and lay down and love me again." Crosbie said he wished people would remember some of his accomplishments too.

Date: 1993-06-23
Placeline: Ottawa, ON, Canada
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << best cops wasn't my whole political life in twenty eight years I had you know altercations with good all cops and I'm doomed with us and that went with a couple of the feminists of the rare variety fanatical feminists I've never had any problem with women always respect them and so on but you know you like to have your accomplishments are other demerits look that >>

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